Perfect Seasonal Decorating Cupcakes

Posted by Admin on Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Decorating Cupcakes With TrinketsDecorating Cupcakes With Trinkets

Cupcake Creations. Only with decorations in different colors and put the cupcakes specific ways you can make work. Frost the cupcakes in the same color. Some examples of this can put the cupcakes in 4-5 squiggly lines to form a caterpillar. Give first cupcake eyes and antennae.

Decorating Cupcakes With Floral IdeasDecorating Cupcakes With Floral Ideas

Or cupcakes into the shape of the tree. Start with one on top and two on the next line, three on the next line, etc. (just like you make a pyramid shape) Frost cupcakes green top and the bottom brown for the trunk.

Decorating Cupcakes With Simple FloralDecorating Cupcakes With Simple Floral

More cupcakes cupcakes designs can be formed together to form a butterfly, flowers, flags, balls. Using frosting colors to match the design. Another popular idea now is to place your cupcakes in the design and freeze them all together like they are one big cake. This is often called a pull apart cupcake cake.

Creative Decorating CupcakesCreative Decorating Cupcakes

Decorating Cupcakes With Many Kind StylesDecorating Cupcakes With Many Kind Styles

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