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Posted by Admin on Monday, February 13, 2012

Peacock wedding theme, many of the couple is the theme for the wedding corpses have their own, they do not know whether you can pull it off. Exquisite creature, you have wings to display the most beautiful combination of peacock colors. Having a peacock theme wedding, you can use many means to teal, blue, green, purple, violet. When you add a bit of gold and bronze, can be more wonderful palette. It should be a visual delight for all your wedding guests.

When most people think of a peacock, a waste of word comes to mind. I think the overall look and feel of the game of your wedding, and want to make sure that there is a peacock it is what they embody. If you use a bunch of extremely bright colors, your wedding, instead of the adhesive, you can make it look elegant. Therefore, it is to add just the right amount of decoration and use of color you convey a sense of elegance is very important.

The flowers are another great way to enhance the mood of the theme of the wedding of peacock. You need to select the most vibrant flower colors of rich blue and purple. Stems and leaves, add a splash of green in a flower arrangement already. Please try to use some lobelias, single button, Blue Bell, a viola and lavender in the center of the table and your bridal bouquet.

The theme of the peacock, wedding cake, you can change a work of art. If you are willing to spend top dollars you have the most spectacular wedding cake, you can hire someone to try the peacock, to re-create. Has a peacock feather of some of the decorated cake top and along the side of the complex if it is not. When you add a gold and bronze trim along the edge of some of the cake will be further so that it looks exquisite. Because they operate in, you can use the many beautiful colors, you should be able to come up with the idea of ​​infinity for the interior and wedding favor. Peacock theme is anything dull, wait just to attract your guests in some fun and think of ideas to use.

Delicious Peacock Wedding Cake Pictures :

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Delicious Peacock Wedding Cake ToppersDelicious Peacock Wedding Cake Toppers

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