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They are a unique husband and wife if something can be done with their wedding party to impress their guests are asking me all the time. One of the easiest way to do this, with both food and desserts and I about how to impress them, have something even better! There are many different ways can a dessert to impress your guests.

Chocolate Cake Pops Cookie PopsChocolate Cake Pops Cookie Pops

1. Macaroon
The latest trends, fashion and whether you want to cook, often starts in the big cities. New York and Paris, now dessert is all about the macaroons. It's chocolate ganache, butter cream or flavored like, flavorful, soft layers of holding something, rich and chewy candy with airy. Macaroons are the best combination of all of the trend - it is a lot of flavor, a little bite to it, but it is rare enough to special occasion desserts.

Chocolate Cake Pops With White Chocolate DrizzleChocolate Cake Pops With White Chocolate Drizzle

2. Ice Cream Float
It brings the inner child in all of your guests! Choose your favorite flavor of ice cream for everyone, even soda can be mixed with beer and wine! You mix and match options for so many, everyone will be happy.

Delicious Chocolate Cake PopsDelicious Chocolate Cake Pops

3. Strawberry injected
This is a very interesting twist on your typical bar strawberry! Guests are another liqueur (orange brandy, Baileys, Kahlua, Raspberry Vodka, etc.) then you can choose from, they are injected by syringe into strawberries are dipped in rich white and dark chocolate. To this end the already tasty treat, different choices of toppings to round off their goodies (nuts, coconut, sprinkles), you can choose from. Delicious!

4. Pop cake
Pop cake is the latest trendy and desserts around! Pop cake is covered with a coating of rich chocolate sticks and a little decadent cake on can be dressed up or down for any occasion.

Double Chocolate Cake PopsDouble Chocolate Cake Pops

5. Mochi Ice Cream
Many people have heard it, and desserts that the end will be talking about it is not for everyone! Mochi mochi ice cream is filled with ice cream (pounded rice sticks) made from sweets. Many flavors to choose from (strawberry and mango, green tea, chocolate, vanilla), this small your guests, you'll still love the refreshing treat.

Chocolate Cake Pops Picture

Many couples become it's dessert are choosing the option. From the traditional to have a cake instead, but some of the dessert table has been selected. The dessert table can be custom made with a specific theme that you'd think. Or not interested in the traditional cake for your wedding you want your wedding cake with 5 being spoken about what is okay to me whether it contains a "unique" dessert, dessert tray for your guests as well might be able to help incorporate the theme.
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