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After the Quinceanera and her family are doing all the hard work in front of her important day, you may still have problems just before. Maria Garcia This is a story about her family and Quinceanera. Thought they had done all right for a special order cake birthday cake. The family had spent time checking out a variety of designs can be made for them to bakeries. They are filling and tasted various kinds. Experience was a lot of fun. However, cost and how much was when it came down. They cost much everyone was surprised was more than expected.

Colorful Quinceanera Cake with CupcakesColorful Quinceanera Cake with Cupcakes

They are sitting in a bakery, they had to make a change to what was decided on. Bread, asked a lot how much budget for the cake. Is the time to begin negotiations between the bread and Garcia families. Affect the price of the cake back and forth about the details. Bakers, cake design more complex, higher cost, we recommend them. Baker, if you were to add fresh flowers or a cake to celebrate who they are, they are encouraged to save money. Said they do not work for them. So everybody was happy they came up with very elaborate designs. They signed an agreement to give a 50% deposit on the cake. They paid extra for cake bakers to provide a party on the day of the reception hall. They also agreed to pay the balance due one week before the celebration.

Quinceanera Cake IdeasQuinceanera Cake Ideas

Maria and her family are very busy one week prior to her quince celebration. Not only had those last minute to take care of their families came from out of town. Maria and her family were trying to track the receipt different vendors. Stress was established. They did not have things organized. Mary felt overwhelmed just like her mother and father. All Maria, what I was going to go wrong, you can consider. When we got to the reception hall after the Mass everyone is beautiful, Mrs. Garcia, looked around the reception hall to check things out. Everything seemed to be OK. Until she realized she did not see a beautiful birthday cake. Banquet manager of a cake she asked. Banquet manager, who has never said he delivered the cake. To make matters worse, Mrs. Garcia did not have a copy of the contract with her to call the bakery.

Three-Tier Pink Pearl Flower Quinceanera CakesThree-Tier Pink Pearl Flower Quinceanera Cakes

Garcia's family has been welcoming guests Instead, they were trying to straighten the problem. After getting the baker Mrs. Garcia on the phone, told her that they were trying to provide the cake, signing the name for a cake for someone did not. Therefore, the driver returned to the cake shop. Quinceanera cake was delivered to the end of time for a re-cut the cake and photography.

Unique Quinceanera Cake DecoratingUnique Quinceanera Cake Decorating

If you have performed the following families are able to avoid all stress.

1. Use a planner and organizer, the event continued all the paperwork in one place. They must have time and name of the person signing the contract for the delivery of the cake.

2. They must then call for help from someone you trust to have a copy of the contract with planners and all the necessary vendors for the day of the event.

Pink Quinceanera CakesPink Quinceanera Cakes

3. Written out in a few days before the day before the day of celebration events, including a list of all items required to follow-up review should have been given by helpers, schedule of events. This is a helper, check out the delivery of the cake, we had confirmed that there was no other no-show or other issues needed to care for. Helper, would have had all the necessary contact information for follow up if needed.

4. Including those responsible for each task is completed, check the event list must include all the details of all items required to follow up with representation at the event. By using this method, you can host and hostess to become Princess Quinceanera party in the sphere of her own family Quinceaneras.

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