Delicious Black Forest Cake - How To Make It ?

Posted by Admin on Friday, November 4, 2011

When you prepare the cake, not mean that you have to compromise on taste can be made even more delicious cakes you rather be at home.

To make a tasty and delicious Black Forest cake at home, please follow the steps below.

Prepare the sponge cake

• May mix plain flour and gram year and a half teaspoon (tsp) of baking powder, 150 grams a quarter of a cup and soda bi carbonate.
Mix these three ingredients in your hand D •.
• In another container, 3 tablespoons butter (tablespoon), 200 g condensed milk (Milk Maid), and mix 1 tsp vanilla essence.
About 5 minutes •, and beat them well, dry mix the contents.
Mix them well •, drinking soda and water is added, depending on the consistency of cake. It should have a consistent flow.
Pour the mixture into a greased tin after tin of aluminum and one that grease •.
Bake a cake at 180 degrees Celsius to about 30-40 minutes •.
• The sponge cake is ready.

Prepare the icing in the Black Forest cake

Cut the sponge cake horizontally into three layers • 2.
• Whisk in cream beater often.
To cover it with cream and one layer of cake slices placement •.
Beyond the grated chocolate and cherries some place •.
And then place another layer on top of it •, covering the cream again.
Grated chocolate you •, chocolate chips, cherries, the final coating can be decorate with beads and silver.
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