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The beach weddings often, wedding destination, honeymoon and wedding to wrap them into one, or small, intimate, most popular from a couple of events that have a cheap looking of choice. To start, near the coast to marry is very romantic, and memorable experience for your wedding can be a lot of extra.

If your bride-to-be, the design should be looking for you Looking for a beach wedding cake? Design What is "coast" is the cake? Well, it depends on many things. That style of a couple, depending on interests and hobbies. This is the theme of the event, time of year, depending on the location and layout of the property ... to name a few. To get an idea of ​​which may be right for your beach wedding cake, we've rounded up many of the ideas that are included below.

Sea Shell cake - you can not go wrong seashells on the beach in your own wedding cake. Shell So what? Periwinkle, a Florida corn, maculated the moon beads and ear are part of the most beautiful sea shells for decoration. A piece of coral is another excellent choice. Sea shells (wash them well!) Can be true, or icing, you can create a variety of chocolate paste and molded out of thin air. Shells can be used as a major design subtly or cake. Clusters of shell, cake decorations like shells, is imperative for the design of this cake.

Marine Wildlife cake - such a sea anemone, sea turtles, tropical fish, sea lions, jellyfish, starfish, dolphins, whales, fascinating sea creatures like sea horses, or incorporated. We have a wedding in Monterey a few years ago, and reception was at the Monterey Plaza Hotel - Monterey Bay Aquarium is right next door. The entire wedding party, visited the aquarium the day before the wedding, experience a private tour and spent a great time. In the aquarium, it was the best theme cake inspiration. The cake designer, incorporating some of the creatures of the sea aquarium subtle dessert. Topper is cascading down the sides of the cake was a big pearly shells and pearls and gems pour from it. (But not a real pearl, pearl dust-covered cardboard phone!)

Cake Surf - waves crashing around a cake, cake is the best trim on the theme of surfing. This style of cake, surfing, best suited to couples or just love the wave. Surfing is a puffy white horse, it's just a subtle hint or waveform frosting. By incorporating it in some blue cake can seem more like an ocean. Airbrush blue frosting on the cake, a wonderful blend of real and gives a realistic effect. Just set up an additional place to surf and surf as your cake topper.

Tropical Flower Cake - hibiscus, cymbidiums, tuberose, or one of your favorite tropical. They can be used as a cake topper of flowers, they can be cascaded down the side and layer cakes, or used sparingly throughout. You can completely cover the cake tropical flower, or simply used for the base. Placed where they dress up the cake is the most plain and dull -, they look gorgeous instantly, and smell it.

Sand castle cake - Sand Castle on the wedding cake is usually used as a topper. However, we have a traditional wedding cake with a layer of some less, the castle, you've seen the whole cake shaped like the top half of the cake was at least looks like a castle or. In order to obtain the effect of the sand, cake can be sprinkled with brown sugar and graham cracker crumbs in a fine.

Palm trees and coconut cake - a subtle design around the palm, the leaves around the cake to the outside, reminiscent of the beautiful are you? Some coconut as decoration? Oasis of the cake topper? How does it as if it were a hammock, a coconut cake topper bride and groom dolls and so leisurely, about half of the open cracks?

Buried treasure cake - you need to pull off in the Caribbean this. Topper is cascading down the sides of the cake, you may be pouring gold coins and gems and treasure chests there. If you are in love pirates, of course, the bride and groom cake topper figurines ... like one of Captain Jack Sparrow, to have an attractive girl in her wedding dress.

Bamboo and tiki cake - the outer layer of cake and sweets made to look like bamboo court. You can also incorporate a Tiki mask. We once attended a luau wedding cake is a miniature tiki torches had protruded from the top, in and around the cake on the table. When the bride and groom cut the cake, tribal drums, was playing in the background.

Activity of the sea cake - snorkeling, fishing, diving, boogie boarding, kayaking or want to go? Fishing for the bride and groom doll wedding rings off the pier and how do I do? It would be easiest to incorporate into the cake decorations, please remember that you can be anywhere on the cake doll! Creative gift! Can be incorporated into your cake one of the favorite activities of the sea.

Sea Bird Cake - sea birds in flight, in love with their long necks to form a heart. Great as long as your cake topper sea birds, but can be incorporated into an elegant whole cake.

The lighthouse cake - your wedding near the lighthouse is really cool! We've seen a lot of lighthouse cake topper, we also bread, she had a client that was created as a lighthouse for the entire cake. Another client had two layers of cake at the bottom of the round as a hierarchical, top half of cake and a boat dock on the bottom right below it, was a lighthouse and the surrounding area.

Sand Cake - real sand! Many bakeries, graham crackers, or as brown sugar, please use the crushed crumbs. Base of the cake, "sand" the top of each layer is exposed ... or can be covered with cakes or whole? Our favorite, the "sand" cake is formed on the base of the pile in a couple of them around the table is if inch spread. Something, or "Charlie and Beth Forever," or "CV + BE, 9/12/08", can be written in the sand. You get the picture.

Cake cruise - cruise please! Anchors, ropes, buoys, wooden dock, life preserver rings, etc. These are subtly sprinkled around the cake made with marzipan, place the base can be used as a cake topper or.

Beach Relaxation cake - wedding cake absolute favorite beach we are under a flop flip those two sets, and two Adirondack chairs as a cake topper. The bride and groom doll sitting in a chair is optional. Regular beach and lounge chairs can also be used in place of the Adirondacks. One of our other favorites, and below it a small bottle of sand, was snoozing in a hammock as big as the bride and groom cake topper figurine.

Cake of the pool - the water is real, we promise! Picture this: a top layer of cake made to look like infinity swimming pool. This is to simulate an endless pool, cake (the end of a wooden table that opens up like a router) can be done by cutting the upper edge of the square. The head of the bride and groom figurine with a cocktail of course, sunhats and shades on, can be protruded from the top of the pool!

Hawaiian cake - a cake topper cases do? To induce the bride and groom on the cake, bride figurine flag? Cake is wrapped in a salon or have been, beach umbrellas, Hawaiian cocktails, pineapple, can be incorporated in Hawaii or something else.

Beach Color cake - you want to use the beach just color theme? Stick with white, tan, blue, teal off-white, of course. Use the blue frosting on the outside of the cake brushed look for blended or accented, such as color can be subtle or air.

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Beach Wedding Cakes IdeasBeach Wedding Cakes Ideas

Delicious Beach Wedding CakesDelicious Beach Wedding Cakes

Beach Wedding Cakes PicturesBeach Wedding Cakes Pictures

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