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Posted by Admin on Friday, February 3, 2012

The OU is, your wedding cake, you can take the actual shape of your wedding dress. Can be shaved in order to cut a layer of cake, to mimic the silhouette of your dress. In white smooth finish of fondant, you can dress decorated like this cake as well. Shining, are decorated with pearls, edible glitter. If you have a dress flat cake that you made, you will need to think about is filled with red velvet, have a cake decoration, such as Tuxedo, located next to it. The groom's cake and making a comeback, these cakes make the perfect pair just like the bride and groom. Your dress is very nice and might be, you are in a cookie in the form of dress of a special detail of your dress and personal size cake of your guests, can provide a miniature version of its own, is likely to make love to it.

For wedding dress cake of the following literal, detail of your dress, please add a layer cake of just traditional. If you have a corset bodice, your cake decorator, the ribbon of sugar they can or can include a real ribbon to go up the cake. If it does, but have the ribbon to the shade matching are also gaining popularity and gown sash of color, the color of your gown has been added between the layers.

Wedding Dress Cake PicturesWedding Dress Cake Pictures

Wedding Dress Cake IdeasWedding Dress Cake Ideas

Wedding Dress Cake DesignsWedding Dress Cake Designs

Unique Wedding Dress Cake Images Unique Wedding Dress Cake Images

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