Delicious Avengers Cake Pops | Simple Avengers Cake Pops

Posted by Admin on Sunday, May 20, 2012

Delicious Avengers Cake PopsDelicious Avengers Cake Pops

Named after the epic film, newly released, today's post is all about the Avengers! These cakes make pop, which is a type using a little bit chocolate, fondant icing is really easy and, of cute - like a baby version of the hero! I, I think too, want to be pretty darn cute for their children's birthday party!

As usual, the first step, the cake, dipped in chocolate is to get prepped and baked all pop! When you form them, they make a cake ball to many of the ellipse than just a round ball so that it looks like a lot of face. For more information on POPs cake because these Avengers are going to be done in fondant, the cake pop-up, you will need to was dipped into the color of the skin of the character. So, I made a peach red for the four of Hawkeye chocolate green for Hulk, Iron Man, for Nick Fury, Captain America, saws, and Black Widdow.

Simple Avengers Cake PopsSimple Avengers Cake Pops

Finally, I am honestly pretty, I Did you meet him, so did not know his contract, such as How long was, that made the call not to include the Hawkeye (You caught me - I them just see the hate - One of the people's movie), I made a cake fairly boring pop him. Since I did not dig, and he appeared to be some incomplete man Creepin 'Avengers, his costume is all in the body. All you hardcore fans, you can ask there! Do not hate it was an artistic calling - I, even if he becomes a pop-up of the cake is dirty, he has been convinced that the whole still badass.

I wanted a little girl power-up here, please note that we have only cut Black Widdow!
Anyway, once immersed in them, but lovely all the dried, it will add the details of fondant, Avengers These cakes popped let's come to life! In Captain America, before you cover it with blue fondant, covering the whole of the cake pop of very light frost. After that, we used a toothpick to cut a hole in his eyes. Iron Man, but done using the same method, it can be necessary to cover only one side. more info about avengers cake pops

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