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Posted by Admin on Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cake animation, please press the boundaries of the cake made to what is more an art than a cake work. Is the cake which move the parts. The origin of the cake animation, can originate back in 2007. They are in fact they were created by the first couple of Texas, in the baking professional company, had not been pioneered by famous artists. When it comes to birthday cake and personalized luxury, birthday cake animation is probably the tip of the iceberg. They are very popular with the children, one is guaranteed immediately, they have seen a child have to request one for the next birthday!

Simple  Animated Birthday CakeSimple Animated Birthday Cake

The simplest form of animation cake has a light-emitting diode LED that is embedded in the lighting control board and part of it in a particular order or to create, the light will blink. It implements the functionality of several electric cake to the next level. This could come in the form of turning the wheel to the motor car of the switching arm golfer cakes and children.

These two components, there is the easiest way to begin to make the best cake of your animation, you use them from there, become more comfortable. You are accustomed to come you can do it with electronics, will come up with your own design ideas and amazing animation cake.

There are many other devices can be used to make a cake animation.

Toy train smoke generator can be used the chimney of the house.
Plasma Globe for the theme of the witch cake.
Dry ice, it is possible to use a cemetery or Halloween cake of animation.
Miniature of the effect of a wide range of liquid, such as rivers, air and water pump.
Heater for liquefying the chocolate as a pond of chocolate for dipping fresh fruit like this in.,
Possibility of many others.

You are to add these features to your cake does not need to be electronic engineers do not have, is not one of them expensive. LED, it is necessary to pick up, such as for low-5P (such as a few cents), respectively from any electronics store, they are rocket science to light the most, you can not the battery! To the motor, but you may want to configure them as you are a little more skill is needed, they are easy to set up such as LED for basic rotary motion. Attach a simple thing and spins round, you want to connect to the battery, very easy again!

Amazing Birthday Cake Animated IdeasAmazing Birthday Cake Animated Ideas

Cake of the animation is a plethora of road open for more creativity in the design of the cake than ever before. People are growing in many different genres of this new cake, other than fuel, the desire to be unique. Before you start we look at the birthday cake wedding cake even wackier of the animation, it is not long!
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