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Traditional Italian wedding cake is white cake filled with cream cheese frosting and coconut. There are other cake that a lot of Italian wedding cake is sufficient as also has been known. Three Italian cake might be suitable for your fantasy filled with whipped cream, sweet cream and sponge cake covered with white chocolate flakes, but the complexity of rich saturated with rum pastry, cake is a sweet-St. classic fruit tart at the end is known as de fruta Crustata, and Shanti is Saint Honore cake is Torta. If you are looking for wedding cake tradition in Italy, These cakes can be found in the Italian bakery.

Traditional Italian Wedding CakeTraditional Italian Wedding Cake

Simple, or is a refreshing dessert of strawberries mixed zabaglione tiramisu mascarpone cheese you love Italian food, if you are looking for modern than traditional, think, and coffee liqueur, strawberry, sweet sauce Marsala cream Amaretto and vanilla ice cream and sauces favorite limoncello. As long as it is good, but if it is not at the wedding cake, Italian is not discrimination!

Italian Wedding Cake IdeasItalian Wedding Cake Ideas

Most weddings have a cocktail hour, wedding, Italy, are marked with a table of various Italian pastries, including a variety of delicious after dinner drinks, such as anise and port canoli, or sambuca, classical there is a "Vienna Hour". These are the traditional options to be grateful for the men of Italy "old school".

If you're having an affair is a simple and casual, biscotti dipped in chocolate, the classic candy-covered almonds and a combination of the great Italian dessert is also a symbol of fertility Espresso (wink, wink) also wedding feast.

It would be way Italian dessert, your real decision you have chosen one, and taste it all, please enjoy every minute!

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