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I love children love Easter, the egg decoration, they also have to get to make fun of all the delicious candy. Easter recipes of these children is the best way they have participated in the fun, to Make a Bunny bites and delicious egg dishes. In each of these steps is a no-burn method. You can purchase additional decorations if you wish, or burn your own items, save just to buy them, to turn them into fun feast for the upcoming holiday.

Easter bonnet cookies

These hood, are made because they do not eat because you are wearing them, even though it looks very beautiful.

Material :

Sugar cookie
Vanilla wafers
Decorating gel
Fruit roll-up of

Direction :

Take the frosting and spread Banirau~eha at the bottom of the wafer.
Place the sugar cookie frosting in the middle of the side is greater than down.
(Both cookies) Now frost the entire thing.
To wrap around some fruits (where the wafer), and then connect it to the bow gently roll-up center.
Finish it in a fun design using several decorating gel.

If you want to make you a different color hood, to cover the cookies before, and then add the food coloring to the frosting just some.
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