Delicious Mince Pies With Cream

Posted by Admin on Friday, March 23, 2012

Christmas dishes is usually calories and is rich in carbohydrate processing. Eating a lot of Minchipai, then overindulging in chocolate, may lead to unwanted weight gain of several celebrations too soon. Fortunately, you of this year, you may be able to take advantage of these four alternative food for low-calorie Christmas, to avoid the Christmas bulge.

1) clotted cream> Natural Yogurt - clotted cream is added to most of the time of the Christmas dessert. However, this tasty treat, so are the costs of (g) 5.86 calories per gram, a small part, can be adversely affected even if your waistline. Interchanging the clotted cream for natural yogurt, and also reduce the cost of this calorie per gram only 0.63 calories, and add the nutrients that are very beneficial to some dessert.

2) Christmas Pudding> Fruit Salad - Christmas pudding, cold, during the period of celebration and is a favorite of many people. Unfortunately, you enjoy this dessert too, can lead to stack the pounds rather quickly, and 1 gram of Christmas pudding that contains 3.3 calories. To assign a Christmas pudding in order to reduce the 0.88 calorie per gram, down slightly fruit salad. Number of important nutrients means that boost your health, you can enjoy the Christmas of low-calorie fruit salad is also rich.

Mince pies almost everywhere you look over the Christmas - raisins and dried minced> 3) π. At work there, walking down the street also whether it is home, mince pies, perhaps some not far. However, overindulging, it is likely to cause rapid weight gain on average mince pie comes in at 3.36 grams per calorie significant this festive snack. When you switch Minchipai of a small portion of the dried fruit, provides a taste similar to you at a low cost of 2.72 calories per gram.

4) Mini sausage ROLLS> mini turkey PIECES: - mini sausage rolls and other snack foods, in many cases, come out during Christmas time. Sausage roll so they pack the punch in the 3.53 calories per gram fever may not seem like much on the other hand a little. If you are in a mini sausage roll on the party that you provide, please try looking for a slice of turkey pieces instead. Contains a number of important nutrients means that Turkey has also come in at 1.27 calories per gram far more slim, smart selection of this party is your health, you can enjoy a low-calorie Christmas You.

Mince pie with cream Ideas Mince pie with cream Ideas

Delicious Mince pie with creamDelicious Mince pie with cream

Christmas mince pies with creamPlate of Christmas mince pies with cream

Mince pie and cream Mince pie and cream

Mince pie with brandy creamMince pie with brandy cream

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