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Great long weekend! Since the summer seems to be just around the corner, I have been thinking the ice cream. Cupcake with. Cup of ice cream and cake version. These are simple such as a cup cake by cup cake and, to eat as well as to start my last attempt in the face of ice cream, can be more recognizable.

Vegan, you have a recipe for banana split cupcake in the world, I will overtake cupcakes wanted something simple (read: I'm Terry and Isa is, I noticed I was thinking it probably already Lo and behold, it is page 81), and was already half way through when I make your own version of. These are the golden vanilla cupcake here. If you are not aware of is my default yellow cake recipe.

Delicious Banana Split CupcakesDelicious Banana Split Cupcakes

Is banana butter cream frost, do not worry, it does not have any icky banana extracts. I hate the taste of banana thing - the only real thing with my suit! If you have a blend of banana in matte, taste like chemical bananas will get a taste do not have light and delicious banana. As, What do I right?

Simple Banana Split Cupcakes RecipeSimple Banana Split Cupcakes Recipe

In a simple banana split, cup cake
Make a 12 cup cake

(Air conditioners cool more than people) 1 cup vanilla cake cooling batch Golden,
12 maraschino cherries
(Or ready-made chocolate sauce) 1/2 cup Chococlate chips, melted
2 tablespoons soy milk
Any chopped nuts (peanut, is a classic)
Banana Buttecream

Vegan Banana Split CupcakesVegan Banana Split CupcakesAlign Center

Banana butter cream frosting
Balance of the Earth 1/2 cup, softening
Non-hydrogenated vegetable shortening 1/2 cup softened
1 ripe banana
Box powdered sugar, March 04

Bake and cool cupcakes. Soy milk and, whisking, slowly melt in double boiler until smooth and place chocolate chips. Set it aside. To complete, if possible, you are using a stand mixer whip frosting is smooth and ingredients together, but airy.

Frost cake cup, add the cherries. If you drizzle chocolate sauce and sprinkled with nuts and that you are using. You are using the banana slices or dried banana chips extra for extra decoration.

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