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cupcake wedding cakes
Cupcake Wedding Cake
Couples increasingly choose to use cake wedding cakes at their wedding rather than the traditional wedding cake. If the couple goes for a summit on the drama or the more sober style, the wedding cake can give an incredible display at your wedding reception.

The cake is a modern wedding cake idea which can be full of flavor, surprise the taste buds with an assortment of vanilla, chocolate, caramel, strawberry and every taste in between.

To do it yourself bride the cupcakes are easy to work with. Baking cupcakes is easier than baking and decorating a wedding cake, which requires more work and attention to detail to look nice. In case your cake decorations does not work right, it will not be so sensitive.

Cupcakes are much easier to serve. Some reception venues will charge a fee to cut and serve, but with cupcakes this can be avoided. Ask a friend or serve cupcakes even have guests serve themselves.

Cupcakes are easier to transport. Most wedding cakes today have to be boxed separately and then put in place at the wedding reception. In some cases the cakes end up damaged which can ruin a part of a wedding.

However, cakes are usually placed side by side in boxes leaving little room for movement. They can be put on display quicker than a traditional cake which can take some time to assemble.

Cake wedding cakes can be beautifully presented on a cake stand.

To serve 150 to 200 people you will need two wedding cake stands. For each of the cages to create a stand at four levels. Start with 40cm (16 inch) board then 30cm (12 inches), 22 cm (9 inches), and for the top a 15cm (6 inch) board.

You can purchase round or square boards or if you prefer a different shape you can cut these to shape using large pieces of foamcore. Cover each of the boards of heavy-duty foil. The edge of each of the boards should be trimmed neatly and cover the edges with a ribbon to match your color theme.

To separate each level that you can use almost anything. You can purchase clear vases which are strong and wide enough to support each level, complete with decorative stone, seashells or flower petals. You can use sturdy flower pots and paint them in a color to match your theme. Before the wedding check that you cupcake holder is strong enough to avoid any mishaps on the day.

You can offer more than one cake flavor to your guests by placing each flavor on its own wedding cake stand. Let your guests know the cake flavor by placing a sign in front of each of them.

If you do not want a large wedding cake tower you can always place the remaining cupcakes on the cake table around the stand.

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