Find Out Why Simple Wedding Cakes Might Be A Good Choice For You!

Posted by Admin on Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Simple Wedding Cakes
Simple Wedding Cakes
For some brides, they feel the cake is just for show, and sometimes it is. Your web host can provide a dessert that is included in your package, and you do not feel the need to add expensive cake to your budget. However, you do not want to give up traditional food cake, so if you're looking for something simple idea is to make a cake yourself. You can do several layers of sponge cake and store bought ice itself. There is a simple charm of a homemade cake, and if you're just using the cake for the show, little money has been spent. You can even pre-order a simple cake from the local grocery store sheet. Your wedding cake does not need to be five feet stands.

Simple does not mean boring. Simple means clean and classic. A single tiered cake covered with white fondant with a thin line of piping in the color of your wedding is a minimalist and elegant details. To keep things simple by choosing a retail rather than having all the decorated cake. You do not need flowers all over your frosted cake. Have a small bouquet on the side of the cake or a few flowers that are in your centerpieces, gently placed on top of the cake. Less is more.

You can have a square cake rather than a round cake to add a little element of surprise. Ask your initials painted on the ice for an elegant touch and personal.

Nothing is easier than chocolate and vanilla. It is a combination of classic flavors and your guests will love. Have a marble cake to add a little artistic element in the icing.

Simple is clean and every guest review this delicate cake you had at your wedding.

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