Unusual Wedding Cakes - Make Your Wedding Stand Out From Others

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Unusual Wedding Cakes
Unusual Wedding Cakes
If you want to keep the majority of your wedding as traditional as possible while trying to be original, one way to do this is to have a wedding cake unusual. It will allow you to convey your unique personalities without compromising tradition.

Wedding traditions have come a long way since the concept of marriage began.

Parts remained stable, while others have changed dramatically.

Weddings are packed full of symbolism of love, commitment, purity, celebration and unity:

    The massive use of white indicating the purity and class.
    The cutting of the wedding cake together as the first action to do both as a couple.
    The cup white frosting together also symbolizes the breaking of the chastity of a virgin pure together as husband and wife.
    The exchange of rings - an endless circle

While the tradition of having a wedding cake and share it among the guests remained in the form of the wedding cake had many variants. During the 19th century, it was common to see a pie instead of a cake, it was called "wedding cake" the. Cakes are then more frequent, with prosperity and fertility fruit symbolizing. They are then became iced with sugar, they were quite dark as white refined sugar has not yet been developed. When the capacity of refining sugar was introduced, only wealthy families, he used to glaze that symbolized purity and virginity. has been invented "royal icing" of Queen Victoria she had on her cake.

Now there are several ways to create and sculpt the food in a variety of textures, colors, shapes options are endless. Something as simple as choosing a different color white can make your cake standout as the centerpiece of a single receipt.

You can change the wedding cake topper, you can make a wedding cake unusual by simply changing the main form of squares, spheres, cylinders, towers, pyramids, you can have the cake carved figurines, a form of something you and your spouse to enjoy. Some examples of some unusual wedding cakes are below - soccer, baseball, climbing, motorcycle, couples pet owners. Some brides prefer to only express their personalities in sculptures like a special princess castle, flowers, etc.

If you want your cake as desert, then you can look into a variety of sweet ingredients, in addition to the cake that you like to try the ice cream, or lightning. French tradition is to use croque-en-bouche tours, or you can try a round fruit with a chocolate fondue fountain.

If you want a saltier flavor and a wedding cake cheese with crackers might be an option. If you want to be completely out there with a wedding cake incredibly rare while some have used a number of levels of meat pies. You can use a loaf of sliced ​​meat sauce with a fountain. Or you might like a cheese fondue or arrangement type sauce.

Whatever idea you choose to go with the uniqueness of your wedding cake will surely be remembered and appreciated by all your guests. This is one of the easiest ways to stand out from all the other weddings.

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