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Rock Cake IdeasRock Cake Ideas

Rock cakes to drop the cake is very comparable. This type of cake is very simple. Use a spoon to drop the two soft fabric that has been prepared on the tray, please try to imagine baking cookies. If it is a little too hard, please press the dough with a fork wet. Leave a space between the fabric. Rock cake, fruity bread is famous for its thick and. Many children and growth - UPS is a great texture and sweetness that I love.

Is a simple recipe of cake to create the lock below:

Sultanas and raisins. • 200 grams
Margarine. • 100 grams
Brown sugar • 75 g wet
• 200 g flour of self-development
• one egg
Spice mix. • 1 tsp (optional

Mixing bowl
For mixing knife
Scale (optional)
Baking sheet
Oil-resistant paper

Rock Cake IdeasRock Cake Ideas

One. Until it is warmed to 200 degrees Celsius, turn on the oven
Two. 200 grams of flour into mixing bowl and mix with 100 g margarine. They mix until it resembles bread crumbs.
Three. Mix (. Is 75 grams of sugar and egg 200 grams of sultanas and raisins, wet) other ingredients
Four. Proof paper - Prepare a baking tray and grease.
Five. Place carefully (4 cm diameter) ball of dough on the tray.
6. Bake for 25 minutes from 15.
Seven. To determine whether it is cooked, insert a toothpick. There should be dry inside, the inside does not appear in the raw.
Eight. You can be cooled to solidify it.

Easy Rock CakeEasy Rock Cake

• Original rock cake recipe is used today only as many as half of the fruit.
• sultanas raisins, is cheaper than normal.
• If you use white sugar inexpensive, delicious cake will look like so much.
When creating a ball of dough • If you are too dry mixture, you will be able to moisten the mixture using the milk.
• It can be used in place of sugar topped with a glace cherry and coarse grain.
Taking in some people •, and to use than hand mixing, the mixture is thrown so dry it together rather than a mixer of the machine, better than electrical machinery.
• Suitable for mixing also use the electric mixer.
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